I was waiting to lose the rest of the baby weight.  I was waiting for Shaun to be able to take an afternoon off.  I was waiting for the perfect time of day when the kids wouldn’t be cranky.  I was waiting to score the perfect outfits or to dream up the perfect concept.  I was waiting to have enough time in my schedule to do it all…

Then I looked at Grace, her two bottom teeth sprouting out of her gums, and realized it is all passing me by too quickly.  First days of school and leaving for prom flashed in my hormonal mind!  I don’t want my girls to grow up!

Of course I have no control over that, but what I can do is put everything else aside and make my family portraits a priority!  So I did.

We began our journey of incorporating video portraits into our studio offerings last year with our newborn sessions (see a sample here!).  We loved the finished product: “A Birth Story” (check it out here!) so much that we decided to offer video portraits to all of our Heidi Hope Clients.  Now, you can add on a video component to any Heidi Hope Session.  Information about our video portraits is sent with your welcome package when you book your session, but give us a call to learn more about it!

Mariah and Joe were happy to use my fam as a sample so you can all get an idea of how our Video Portraits work.  You can see the gorgeous photography from our session by visiting Mariah’s blog post here!

Was I afraid to jump in front of a camera… no liquifying or airbrushing…. for the whole world to see?  HECK YEAH!  But, I can’t possibly express how much the resulting movie and portraits mean to me.  I don’t even see what I was worried about.  I see my beautiful, happy, blessed family, being exactly who we are in this perfect little moment of our lives.  The messy hair, chapped lips, extra tummy… they all take on a significance I didn’t even know I appreciated until now.  I am so thankful we did this.  And I am so thankful to Mariah and Joe who captured it all so beautifully for us.


So, without further ado, here is a sneak peek of our family video portraits!

Video Portaits from Heidi Hope Photography on Vimeo.


I still cry every time I watch this… I can only imagine what prom night will be like!  ~ Heidi