About 10 years ago I started an FAQ Friday series out of my portrait studio in Rhode Island where you could ask me anything about life or business and I’d answer you live.  It was my favorite way to end every work week; being live and connecting with you!
I have good news!  I’m starting up the tradition again with a new series called #askheidi!
Recently one of my coaching clients had a big decision to make about whether or not to accept a promotion.  This week’s podcast episode is my advice for her about how to tune into her intuition and listen for the answer within.  It’s a quick listen, only 10 minutes!
How do you know what your intuition is telling you when you have to make a big decision?
What is the difference between intuition and fear?
Do you know what your intuition sounds like?
Tune in and see my advice below (Youtube or Podcast).
Have a question for my next #askheidi?  Leave it in the comments!