We love designing adorable props and custom sets for our special sessions at HHP!  One of my favorite props this spring was our cardboard box airplane.  We recycled our WHCC boxes into a perfectly playful prop in just a matter of minutes.  Today, I’m going to share with you how I did it!


cardboard box airplane tutorial supply list

1.  First, gather your supplies.  You’ll need large pieces of cardboard (measuring at least 24-36 inches on the long side), packing tape, a box cutter, writing utensil, and paint of your choice (I used acrylic).

dboard box airplane tutorial

2.  Next, construct the outer perimeter of your box.  To make your perimeter, you’ll need 2 longer rectangles and 2 shorter rectangles of cardboard.  They should all be the same height.  Tape them together at the seems using packing tape.

  dboard box airplane tutorial

3.  Draw a wing shape out of cardboard and cut out using a box cutter.  I used one wing to trace the other so that they would be the same shape.

dboard box airplane tutorial

4.  Score the base of the wing 1 inch from where you will attach it to the inner rectangle.  Bend the wing where you scored it and attach it to the side of the box using packing tape.

dboard box airplane tutorial

5.  Use a paper plate to trace two large circles.  Use a long strip of cardboard to form a ring and attach to one of the circles (as shown).  Tape the remaining circle on top to create a “sandwich”.

dboard box airplane tutorial

6.  Cut out and attach the propeller blades.  Again I used the first propeller shape to trace the second.  I went with a large teardrop shape.

dboard box airplane tutorial

7.  To make the tail, draw a large rectangle about 6″ taller then the overall height of your airplane.  Round the top edge.  Cut a slit 4-5″ from the top on the longer end.  Insert a large rectangle of cardboard to create a “T” shape.  Use packing tape to secure the tail pieces together and to the box.

dboard box airplane photo prop tutorial

8.  Make it pretty!  I used black and white acrylic paint to draw playful details on our plane.

twin baby portrait

9. Find adorable babies to place inside 🙂

Now get crafting!  ~ Heidi

Heidi Hope Guerard