I’m finally finding a moment to blog our Holiday photos taken by Mariah this past October and I think they are perfectly fitting to celebrate the last day of 2013!  She did an amazing job as usual!

As all years go, 2013 had moments that were both beautiful and bittersweet.  Joy and sadness were painted into a blurry little picture of a year that will no longer be at midnight.  Such is each New Year.  This year, we’re celebrating making it through a pretty wild ride.  We traveled.  We made new friends.  We opened our new studio.  We celebrated.  We mourned.  We stuck together.  I often felt that our life was flying by too quickly, until I looked around and realized that “time” seems to be speeding up for everyone.  As parents, we want to hold on to every little detail.  As friends, we want to make more time for each other.  As individuals, we want to have time to take care of ourselves.  And in our hearts, we are all alike.  This year, I’m grateful for the ride.  I’m grateful that you were a part of it, even if just by stopping by this blog post. For the first year in a long time, I am making a resolution for 2014 that I know will stick.  It is a simple little resolution, just for myself.  If there is one thing 2013 has taught me, it is the power of positive intention!  Cheers to all of your intentions in 2014!

Shaun and I wish you a 2014 filled with joy and peace in the moments between.  xo ~ Heidi

holiday family portraits with lights 1 holiday family portraits with lights 2


Thank you to Salon KG for hair and makeup and Snazziedrawers for the girls dresses!