The Boutique Baby Workshop

Our Boutique Baby Workshop is a photography and business workshop that will help you improve your technical skills and encourage creativity while focusing on growing a successful business in a crowded marketplace. We’ll talk about the importance of valuing your time and balancing life with the demands of running a successful business.   You’ll learn how to handle time-intensive newborn sessions while running a demanding studio schedule.  We’ll teach you exactly how we balance session time, pricing, editing and marketing so that we can all leave work behind at 5pm each day while continuing to operate one of the most profitable portrait studios in the country! You can do what you love, thrill clients, AND earn a living.

We’ll be working in person for 3 fun-filled days, but signing up for a Heidi Hope Photography Workshop doesn’t end there. We begin getting to know each other long before we meet in person and we continue supporting each other long after our workshop ends. Your visit to the new Heidi Hope Studio is just the start of some awesome new friendships and support in the photography world.




There are SO MANY workshop options out there, what makes this workshop different?

We’ve waited for years to offer an in-person workshops for many reasons.  We wanted to be sure they would be one of the best experiences on the market for our attendees. There are many talented professionals offering great learning experiences that I would highly recommend (see below). I didn’t want Heidi Hope Photography workshops to be just another version of what currently exists or what someone else is already doing a great job with. I was waiting until we could offer something amazing, unique, and worth your time and money!





Stand Out! The family photography industry is extremely competitive. When there is always someone who can beat you on price, how else can you compete? YOU, as an artist, are the one thing no one can replicate. We’ll start long before your workshops in our private group focusing on finding your own creative voice and photographic style. You’ll learn how we plan our sessions, incorporate client requests and wardrobe with our own personal vision, and select beautiful and unique props and accessories that help us stand out in a sea of competitors. Then, we’ll show you exactly what we do to market ourselves and stand out in the industry. You don’t need a whole team to do what we do, you just have to work smarter.  You’ll even help Heidi plan a cake smash from beginning to end, and we’ll shoot it the next day!

Shoot! During our time together there will be 4 Live Sessions to build your portfolio. You’ll be able to watch Heidi plan and shoot sessions from start to finish and be able to jump in and take photos for your own portfolio. The following sessions will be covered: Newborn, Baby, Family with young children, and Cake Smash.  We’ll cover newborn safety, working with older siblings, working with fussy babies, working with parents, our favorite poses, shooting to sell, and SO MUCH MORE!  You get to shape the workshop topics yourself as we take everyone’s suggestions into account in the weeks leading up to our workshop.

Transform! On day 3 we’ll be covering all of Heidi’s Photoshop techniques to achieve soft, colorful portraits and beautiful creamy skin tones.  Watch Heidi edit the sessions you photographed from start to finish.  Learn how we stay organized, manage client folders, our Adobe Photoshop Workflow, and QUICK and EASY ways to batch edit your portraits while retaining your personal style.  2 hours to edit a newborn folder from start to finish?  YEP, you can spend your evenings reading books to your kids rather than proofing galleries!

Get Down to Business! Yes, beautiful photography is the number one factor in a photography business. You certainly have to have a high quality of work to compete in today’s saturated market place. You need to create something that people want to buy. But, why is it that some amazing photographers still can’t make it? What is the secret ingredient that allows some businesses to prosper while others struggle to get noticed? We’re going to teach you how to develop, price, market, and grow a boutique photography business. We’ll talk social media, client relationships, pricing, and product offerings that will thrill clients and keep them returning to you year after year. We’ll talk about how we approach other reputable businesses and form long lasting relationships. We’ll teach you exactly what we do to run a profitable studio and thrill our clients.  We’ll get you your life back!




Price: $1800. $500 non-refundable deposit due to register.

Restrictions: Thank you for understanding that there is currently a mileage restriction to attend our in-person workshop. Participants must live and operate their business outside of 125 miles from Cranston, Rhode Island.  If registration is submitted for an attendee within our mileage limitations, we will gladly refund you less a $50 registration fee.


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Day 1: 4pm-7pm Welcome Reception. Get to know each other. Share your work. Take a tour of our studio and meet the Heidi Hope Team. Learn about how we grew and all work together each day! Enjoy a cocktail reception, finger foods and Sweet Indulgence Cupcakes in our beautiful new studio!

Day 2: 7am-6pm Creativity and Session Planning. Plan our Cake Smash for day 2! Visit to Sweet Indulgence. Marketing and Client relationships. Newborn Session. Baby Session.

Day 3: 7am-3pm Pricing and Sales. Photoshop. Cake Smash Session. Family Session with babies or young children. 1 on 1’s with Heidi.

Cocktail Reception and light dinner will be included on Day 1. All Meals will be included on Day 2. Breakfast and Lunch will be included on Day 3.



A Swag Bag full of surprises from some of our favorite vendors and sponsors.  WHCC, Organic Bloom Frames, Prairie Sweet Boutique, Photographer’s Wall Display Guides, Wordsmith for Photographers, The Joy of Marketing, Blossom Bands,  Sweet Indulgence and more!

Our favorite Birth Announcement Template Set which I will be demonstrating how to use in our Photoshop lesson.

The Heidi Hope Photography Boutique Baby Business Guide. A comprehensive guide to building a successful baby plan and boutique baby business.  All the topics we cover and don’t get to during our workshop, you can take home and continue to work on in the years to come.  Don’t forget to let us know about your results!

Field Trip! to Sweet Indulgence’s beautiful new Dessert Shoppe!

Invitation to our private online group of workshop attendees to keep in touch and support each other after our workshop has ended.



October 2nd-4th 2013  ~ sold out!  See a sneak peek of our October Workshop Here!

January 8th-10th 2014 ~ sold out!

February 26th-28th 2014  sold out!

April 2nd-4th 2014  ~ sold out!

Newly Released!

June 18th – 20th 2014

August 6th – 8th 2014


After Registration

You will receive email confirmation of your registration followed by full accommodation and travel information. Full payment is due 60 days prior to your workshop date or your seat will be opened up to our waiting list. 60 days prior to our workshop date, we will be emailing everyone with an invitation to our private group and welcome materials. We can’t wait to meet you!




Where the heck is Rhode Island? Our studio is located 5 minutes North of TF Green Airport. If you are looking to make a mini vacation out of your trip to New England, we’re approximately 1 hour south of Boston, Massachusetts, 90 minutes from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 30 minutes north of historic Newport, Rhode Island, and 10 minutes south of Providence, Rhode Island. You can also take high speed ferries to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Block Island easily from our area. New York City is approximately 2 1/2 hours South of us without traffic.

Why the wait? From my long days as a camp counselor, to instructing hundreds of teens in my years as a high school educator, teaching has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been considering hosting in-person workshops for years as the inquiries come in almost daily, but I had to wait until I felt more than ready. I had to wait until I felt I could offer something that wasn’t already being done in 1000 other workshops. I had to wait until I knew I could truly make a difference in the lives of the people who invested their time and money to travel and learn from me. With the opening of our new studio space and the continued growth and experience of my own Boutique Photography Business under my belt, I’m ready, and I’m an open book!

Why the Mileage Restriction? This is something I have given great consideration. Our decision to include a mileage restriction at this time is due to the enormous amount of business content shared during our workshop. I can not teach in good faith without being an open book for my students. I have to give it my all and in doing so, I will be sharing all aspects of our business plan and other proprietary information within our studio walls. I have enormous respect for other local photographers, many of whom I consider good friends. I feel that it is very important for each of us to find our own path in business and sales when competing in the same market. In honesty, I wouldn’t be a very smart business woman if I didn’t value and protect the business I have built, which continues to be one of the most successful retail studios in the country. I am happy to recommend some other amazing teachers and workshops available throughout the US if you are unable to attend ours due to a mileage restriction.

I really want to improve my newborn posing, is this the right workshop for me? This workshop will include a live newborn session with Heidi where you will watch her work through her typical session flow of poses and sets. You’ll learn basic posing and sleeping tips, trouble shooting, working with fussy or awake newborns, newborn safety, and what sells after the session. This is not, however, as in depth in newborn posing as some of the other amazing newborn posing workshops out there. Kelley Ryden and Tracy Raver, Baby As Art, Laura Brett Photography, Keri Meyers, and Robin Long are just some of the wonderfully talented newborn photographers that offer in depth posing workshops who we highly recommend if you are looking for a workshop that focuses more heavily on newborn posing.

Do I have to shoot in Manual? Nope! If you aren’t 100% confident shooting in Manual, you should do just fine keeping up with us! You should know your camera well however and how to access all of your menu items as we discuss them. Workshops are a perfect time to play and experiment with your equipment without the fear of disappointing a client! I do recommend this course from Clikin Mamas to help you learn the basics before you attend if you aren’t confident with how basic exposure works! Obviously, the better you know your camera, the easier it will be to keep up with the group.

Do I have to own a photography business to attend? Nope! Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, I know you’ll enjoy shooting with us. There will be a lot of biz talk, however. Business topics are woven through every live session as well. Maybe we’ll inspire you to take the leap! Please keep in mind that this is not a Photography 101 course. You should be very comfortable with the technical aspects of photography or you may feel we are moving too fast to keep up. We are packing TONS of information into our short time together!

If I don’t own a business, does the mileage restriction apply? Yes.

I’ve been in business for years, is this workshop below my level? That depends what you are seeking to learn. As a former educator, I truly believe that we never stop learning. I, myself, still love the opportunity to attend a workshop. I’m always learning new things… I’ll probably learn from you too! That’s what it is all about. Getting together with a group of people who share your passion for a few days to eat, breath, and sleep photography is always an amazing experience and gift to yourself. Come if you want to be inspired and build relationships that you will continue to hold for years to come! Workshops are also a great opportunity to expand your business. Perhaps you are more comfortable with older kids, senior portraits or weddings and you are looking to photograph more babies and young children. Or perhaps your business needs a boost in social media and marketing. This workshop would be a perfect start for you!

What do I need to bring? Camera, 50mm lens, sense of humor 🙂

Where do we stay? You’ll fly into TF Green Airport in Warwick RI, located just minutes from our new studio. There are plenty of inexpensive hotels right by the airport and we’ll talk more about accommodations and transportation as we get our group together! You’ll also receive an information sheet about staying in our area and details based on the time of year of your workshop. Our new studio is located in a small bayside town with boutique restaurants/bars, coffee shops, bakeries and a small park. There is also plenty to do around the airport and in nearby Providence if you need to stay an extra night and are looking for fun!

How many attendees will there be? Each workshop will be between 10-15 attendees. Don’t worry, in my teaching days my average class size was 28 unruly teens! You’ll each have the opportunity to take photos during our sessions and there will also be 1 on 1 chats with me. I’ll be getting to know each of your personally before you attend and we’ll keep in touch in the months that follow. We’ll also have a 1 year check-in after the workshop!

What if I have to cancel? You can try to sell your workshop seat, and we’re happy to help you try to do so, but ultimately it would be your responsibility if you would like someone else to take your seat. Payments made when registering are non-refundable so do your homework before you register. If you find someone to fill your seat, we’re happy to transfer you and your deposit to a future workshop date if there is one available at the time you reschedule.

Will you be doing any online workshops? I will be teaching an online course with the Chic Critique Forum in December of 2013 which involves a weekly lesson and assignment along with forum participation. I will not be hosting online workshops out of HHP in the foreseeable future.

Are there any other workshops you recommend?  I had the amazing opportunity to attend a JinkyArt Workshop and I give it my highest recommendation.  Barb Uil was amazingly open and giving, in addition to being seriously talented.  She inspired me as both a photographer and a teacher.  Go check her out!



About Heidi

Professional photographer and studio owner Heidi Guerard of Heidi Hope Photography is internationally recognized for her colorful, soft and whimsical portrait photography. Often referred to as a “baby whisperer”, Heidi’s most celebrated work is creating artistic portraits of babies from their first days of life through their first days of school. Before picking up the camera, Heidi’s first passion in life was teaching.  A former high school photography and art teacher, Heidi was a certified secondary educator for 5 years before beginning Heidi Hope Photography.  Since then, Heidi has been creating modern portraits for her clients out of her Rhode Island studio for over 4 years and has first hand knowledge of managing a creative team and building a profitable business from the ground up.  The Heidi Hope Photography studio is currently one of the top preforming retail studios in the country.  In addition to running a busy studio, Heidi has maintained her passion for mentoring through online workshops and public speaking.  Heidi is a Celebrity Photographer and Instructor for the Chic Critique Forum, a member of CMPro community, and a frequent contributor to numerous photography forums and publications.  Heidi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education and is a member of PPA and NAPCP.


from former Heidi Hope students:

“I woke up today for the first time in 2 years ready to go to work!! Two years ago my little one was diagnosed with autism and I haven’t been the same since. The business and my passion for it was put on the back burner and I was just going with the punches just to stay afloat. I really just wanted to say thank you for opening that door for me again, to be “excited” to work again and build my dream business like I have always wanted. You are such an inspiration and I don’t think I could ever thank you enough or say enough wonderful things about the workshop. If my husband wouldn’t kill my I would come in April! Thank you again! xoxox” ~January 2014 Workshop Attendee

“From the moment you walk into the front doors of Heidi Hope’s studio you know you’re going to have an amazing experience!  Heidi and her team have prepared the most inviting atmosphere – from the cupcakes to the little gift bags, little notebooks for each attendee with matching pencils – her attention to detail and organization are incredible!  But the best part of Heidi’s workshop is the  warmth, enthusiasm and willingness to share every aspect of her business.  Heidi’s business partner and husband is ready to teach you everything you need and want to know about the business side of running your business, while Heidi focuses on teaching you everything you want from the photography aspect.  She is so creative and genuine — we had such a great time getting equal shooting time with sets that were prepared and thought out in advance.   Her team is just as willing to answer any questions you might have along the way — from photoshop to the details of shooting.   I’m not sure there wasn’t a topic that wasn’t covered –  and because of their willingness to share, you really felt you could ask anything you wanted to know about running your business, or shooting, and someone on the team would have an answer for you.  This workshop was truly one of the best I’ve been to!  It was absolutely evident that Heidi has a love for teaching and photography!  This is a must-have workshop experience!” ~Sheri, October 2013 Workshop Attendee

“Attending Heidi’s first workshop in person is one of the things I was always confident I wanted to do. It has been an amazing and invaluable experience, I definitely recommend it. Besides Heidi’s and her team incredible talent, she is also a very generous teacher who shared her knowledge and experience and along with Shaun they made us feel as if we were at home. Having had the chance to meet them in person gives me great satisfaction and I left feeling that I learned so much while making great friends in the process. I am confident our relationship will continue growing and we will see each other again very soon. I sincerely appreciate everything they shared at both the professional and personal level, as they truly were an open book to everyone who attended.” ~Pao Palacios – Valencia (Spain), October 2013 Workshop Attendee.

“The Heidi Hope workshop was great and well worth every penny. Her entire staff was welcoming and very forthcoming with answers to any questions asked. I am newly inspired to bring my business to the next level and so much more knowledge to do just that! Thank you HHP!” ~Meghan Doll, October 2013 Workshop Attendee.

“The best workshop I’ve ever had!!! Absolutely amazing… Changed my life!”~Carlos Cunha, October 2013 Workshop Attendee.

“A few years ago, when I first came across Heidi’s work on flickr, it inspired me. I truly mean that. She *is* the sole reason why i decided to get into newborn photography. When I saw she was hosting her first workshop, I knew I HAD to attend. I didn’t care what the cost was going to be, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to put a price on the things she was going to share. And I was right, the workshop was so much more than what I thought it was going to be. Heidi and Shaun were complete open books- i can’t stress that enough. I loved how honest and open they were about what they do, how they work, and ultimately how to be successful at this baby business. I walked away with so much more than I thought I would that day: *amazing* knowledge that has helped my work, my business and my self esteem. It also gave me an eye for how to improve my photography, and what I love most, a very dear friend who I feel privileged to have. In the current world of photography there are so many workshops to choose from, I’ve taken several, and I will say that Heidi’s is by far the best investment I have made. She’s an amazing teacher, one of the sweetest people I know and such an incredible photographer. You will never regret learning from one of the most talented photographers there is in the field today.” ~ Melissa Fogg, In-person After-the-shoot Workshop Attendee.

“I participated in your first online workshop and it was amazing! I didn’t want it to end! I learned SO much about Photoshop and editing in general. I was using Photoshop Elements at the time and realized there were too many things I couldn’t do, so I ordered CS5. Once it came in, I spent hours and hours using the techniques you went over during the webinar. I re-edited so many sessions and couldn’t believe the difference. There were so many methods and ways of doing things that I didn’t even know existed. I also paid closer attention to my settings in future sessions and learned how to do a composite image (amazing). My workshop was in 2011 and to this day, I still pull out my “Heidi File” and refer back to my notes. You are so incredibly talented. Taking your workshop changed my photography completely. I am ALWAYS striving to be better and am VERY interested in what you might be offering in the future. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us. :)” ~ Teri Long Webinar Attendee
“Heidi did a fantastic job of relaying material and introducing new topics during her “After the Shoot” Webinar. She was patient and concerned about everyone involved (ie. sound checks, walking through webinar interface, answering questions, etc.) I loved the tour of the studio, introduction to Adobe Bridge and seeing how a professional photographer manipulates Photoshop to their advantage. At first, I hesitated at the cost of the webinar because struggling artists are simply that, “struggling”. I took the plunge and decided to sign up for the course. That same evening I began utilizing the techniques into my own work and was blown away! I have already received rave reviews of otherwise “good shots” that are now “AMAZING” and “STUNNING”! Well worth the price!!! Heidi is truly a one in a million when it comes to her profession. Not only would I HIGHLY recommend this course, but I myself am signing up for every webinar she offers in the future!” ~ Christy Manis, Webinar Attendee
“Heidi, Will you adopt me?! I know im 23, but I can clean house like a mad woman. Oh, and now I can edit pictures like one too! All joking aside, I was beyond thrilled with what I learned in your webinar. Heidi definitely has a very comprehensible teaching style. I cant wait for more opportunities in the future for her to teach me.” ~ Mandy, Webinar Attendee
“I’ve been meaning to email you just to thank you again for your webinar in April. I can honestly say that I have learned more from your webinar than from any other course or workshop I have ever attended. Just to show you that I’m putting your good teaching into practice I’ve attached some of my most recent images for you – I am having such fun putting into practice everything I learned. If you ever do any other workshops I will be one of the first people to sign up – I know you get told every day how unbelievable your images are but, as no-one ever bores of being told that their work is appreciated, I have to say that you really are phenomenal with what you do. I never ever tire of looking at your photos and, truth be to told, I very often look at your blog just before doing a shoot as your pictures inspire me so!!!!” ~ Tina Lane, Webinar Attendee
“For me, Heidi is one of the best Newborn/ Family photographers I’ve seen and when I heard that she will be doing this webinar I did not hesitate to participate and get the opportunity to learn something from her. The webinar was amazing! I learned a lot, thanks Heidi to your talent!” ~ Cris Passos, Webinar Attendee
“I found Heidi’s webinar to be completely informative and worth every penny. There was a look I was trying to achieve with my editing but couldn’t quite get there. My goal was not to copy Heidi’s editing style but to learn from it and apply my own style to the skills Heidi taught us to achieve the vision I had in mind. Which is exactly what I did. I am now much more confident in my editing skills. She’s also an excellent teacher, well spoken and clear in the point she is trying to make. I would recommend this webinar to anyone!” ~ Rebecca Koegel, Webinar Attendee
“I truly enjoyed the webinar experience with Heidi!!! After spending the whole week editing previous work with the new knowledge acquired, I feel like I am a new photographer. So cool to take your work one step ahead so easily!!! Thanks to all of you at Heidi Hope Photography for making this possible… you are a great team :)” ~Lucia Marcano Alvarez, Webinar Attendee

heidi hope photography business workshop

A Huge Thank You to Our Amazing Workshop Sponsors and trusted business partners.

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