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“From the moment you walk into the front doors of Heidi Hope’s studio you know you’re going to have an amazing experience!  Heidi and her team have prepared the most inviting atmosphere – from the cupcakes to the little gift bags, little notebooks for each attendee with matching pencils – her attention to detail and organization are incredible!  But the best part of Heidi’s workshop is the  warmth, enthusiasm and willingness to share every aspect of her business.  Heidi’s business partner and husband is ready to teach you everything you need and want to know about the business side of running your business, while Heidi focuses on teaching you everything you want from the photography aspect.  She is so creative and genuine — we had such a great time getting equal shooting time with sets that were prepared and thought out in advance.   Her team is just as willing to answer any questions you might have along the way — from photoshop to the details of shooting.   I’m not sure there wasn’t a topic that wasn’t covered –  and because of their willingness to share, you really felt you could ask anything you wanted to know about running your business, or shooting, and someone on the team would have an answer for you.  This workshop was truly one of the best I’ve been to!  It was absolutely evident that Heidi has a love for teaching and photography!  This is a must-have workshop experience!” ~Sheri, October 2013 Workshop Attendee


The Boutique Baby Workshop is a photography and business workshop that will help you improve your technical skills and encourage creativity while focusing on growing a successful business in a crowded marketplace. We’ll talk about the importance of valuing your time and balancing life with the demands of running a successful business. You’ll learn how to handle time-intensive newborn sessions while running a demanding studio schedule.  From finding your creative voice to building a smart business plan, you’ll learn how to build the business of your dreams in any market!   You can do what you love, thrill clients, AND earn a living.

We’ll be working in person for 3 fun-filled days, but signing up for a Heidi Hope Photography Workshop doesn’t end there. We begin getting to know each other before we meet in person and we continue supporting each other long after our workshop ends. Your visit to the new Heidi Hope Studio is just the start of some awesome new friendships and support in the photography world!


“I cannot say enough good things about the Heidi Hope Workshop.  It was the first full workshop I have taken and I have since held every workshop up to it in comparison – and none of them have topped – or even come close to – my experience at Heidi’s.  What caused the HH workshop to stand so high above the others was a combination of the breadth of material covered (posing, shooting, creative but also marketing, business, and pricing), the organizational and planning that went into it to create the best experience for the participants, the friendliness of the team, and the information communicated to the participants both leading up to the workshop and all throughout the workshop.  Everyone was an open book, very welcoming, incredibly knowledgeable and more than happy to share whatever they could with us.  It was hands down the best workshop I’ve ever taken which I have continued to tell attendees at every other workshop I’ve been to!  The others have been very good, with some of the other top photographers in the industry, but your workshop was truly amazing.  It has been four months since I attended and I still think about it, and the things I learned in it, on a daily basis.  I left more inspired that I thought I could ever possibly be.  Seriously changed my life.  Thank you!!!”  October 2013 Workshop Attendee





Stand Out! The family photography industry is extremely competitive. Can a photographer in this economy actually pull in 7 figures a year?  When there is always someone who can beat you on price, how else can you compete?  YOU, as an artist, are the one thing no one can replicate.  HHP is here to tell you: we’ve done it and you can too!  You’ll learn how we plan our sessions, incorporate client requests and wardrobe with our own personal vision, and select beautiful and unique props and accessories that help us stand out in a sea of competitors. Then, we’ll show you exactly what we do to stand out in the industry. You don’t need a whole team to do what we do, you just have to work smarter.



Shoot! During our time together there will be 4 Live Sessions to build your portfolio. You’ll be able to watch Heidi and the HHP team plan and shoot sessions from start to finish and be able to jump in and take photos for your own portfolio.  We create unique sessions for each workshop and the following will be covered:  Newborn, Baby, Maternity and Cake Smash. We’ll cover newborn safety, working with older siblings, working with fussy babies, working with parents, our favorite poses, shooting to sell, and SO MUCH MORE!  Learn how Heidi sets up her sessions in natural light to achieve beautiful skin tones, color balance, accurate focus in a variety of situations, and ideal exposure for soft, colorful images that are our signature style.

Transform! On day 3 we’ll be covering all of Heidi’s Photoshop techniques to achieve soft, colorful portraits and beautiful creamy skin tones.  Watch Heidi edit from the sessions you photographed and demonstrate the HHP workflow.  Learn how we stay organized, manage client folders, our Adobe Photoshop Workflow, and QUICK and EASY ways to batch edit your portraits while retaining your personal style.  2 hours to edit a newborn folder from start to finish?  YEP, you can spend your evenings reading books to your kids rather than proofing galleries!

Get Down to Business! Yes, beautiful photography is the number one factor in a photography business. You certainly have to have a high quality of work to compete in today’s saturated market place. You need to create something that people want to buy. But, why is it that some amazing photographers still can’t make it? What is the secret ingredient that allows some businesses to prosper while others struggle to get noticed? We’re going to teach you how we developed, priced, marketed, and grew a boutique photography business in one of the worst economies since The Great Depression. We’ll talk about social media strategies, building client relationships, developing pricing that will sustain your business model, and selecting product offerings that will thrill clients and keep them returning to you year after year. We’ll talk about how we approach other reputable businesses and form long lasting relationships. We’ll teach you exactly what we do to run a profitable studio, thrill our clients, and leave work at work.


“Heidi’s workshop was hands-down the BEST workshop I’ve ever attended. Heidi and Shaun have an answer for every business question/situation/problem you’ve ever had and are so business savvy, have a great handle on marketing, client relations, not to mention the actual photography. She just “gets” how to work with people, clients and photographers alike, and has that rare knack of being able to zero in on the trouble areas and come up with a solution.  I’m thankful that Heidi kicked my butt into shape because I actually TOPPED my best month from last year and have raised my monthly average by nearly a $1000/month. And it was the perfect timing, too, because unfortunately my husband was laid off last month, but my income is meeting all our needs, and then some. It’s crazy to think that I went from being excited about someone paying a whole hundred dollars for a CD of images to something of this magnitude, providing for our family and paying an entire mortgage. That’s just self-inspiring, if I can even put it like that.  If I could recommend only one workshop, online or in-person to attend, it would be Heidi’s.” ~ Megan





“A few years ago, when I first came across Heidi’s work on flickr, it inspired me. I truly mean that. She *is* the sole reason why i decided to get into newborn photography. When I saw she was hosting her first workshop, I knew I HAD to attend. I didn’t care what the cost was going to be, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to put a price on the things she was going to share. And I was right, the workshop was so much more than what I thought it was going to be. Heidi and Shaun were complete open books- i can’t stress that enough. I loved how honest and open they were about what they do, how they work, and ultimately how to be successful at this baby business. I walked away with so much more than I thought I would that day: *amazing* knowledge that has helped my work, my business and my self esteem. It also gave me an eye for how to improve my photography, and what I love most, a very dear friend who I feel privileged to have. In the current world of photography there are so many workshops to choose from, I’ve taken several, and I will say that Heidi’s is by far the best investment I have made. She’s an amazing teacher, one of the sweetest people I know and such an incredible photographer. You will never regret learning from one of the most talented photographers there is in the field today.” ~ Melissa Fogg, In-person After-the-shoot Workshop Attendee.


Class Size:

To get the most out of our time together, our 2016 Boutique Baby Studio Workshops are limited to 12 photographers.



Day 1: 2pm-6pm Welcome Reception. Get to know each other. Share your work. Take a tour of our studio and meet the Heidi Hope Team. Learn about how we grew and all work together each day! Enjoy a cocktail reception, finger foods and Sweet Indulgence Cupcakes in our beautiful studio!  Topics include studio workflow and management, Session Timeline and Business foundation.

Day 2: 8am-5pm Creativity and Session Planning. Newborn Session. Baby Session. Maternity Session.  Pricing and Sales.

Day 3: 8am-3pm The HHP studio Editing Workflow.  Cake Smash Session.  1 on 1’s with Heidi.  Q&A with the whole HHP team.  Shaun covers business management, Mariah covers shooting and editing, Caroline covers graphic design and product fulfillment!

Cocktail Reception and light dinner will be included on Day 1.  Breakfast and Lunch will be included on days 2 & 3


All of our workshop attendees leave with the Heidi Hope Photography Boutique Baby Business Guide: A comprehensive guide to building a successful baby plan and boutique baby business. All the topics we cover and don’t get to during our workshop, you can take home and continue to work on in the years to come. Don’t forget to let us know about your results!

Invitation to our private online group of workshop attendees to keep in touch and support each other after our workshop has ended.







March 30th – April 1st 2016  (sold out)

April 27th – April 29th 2016  (sold out)

June 8th – June 10th 2016 (2 seats left)




$2400 (monthly payment plan options now available!)