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The Photographer Rising Online Workshop is a 1 week photography and business workshop that teaches the effective business planning, marketing strategies and creative photography techniques that have helped Heidi Hope Photography grow to be one of the most successful portrait studios in the country.

It includes 5 days of live instruction with me (Heidi Hope) in a webinar format that will be accessible internationally. During the webinar I will give live instruction, assignments, power points and play footage from my photography sessions. At the end of each day there will be a live interactive Q&A session to follow up on the day’s ideas. With two assistants I will also be taking questions live throughout the broadcast related to the topic at hand. Any questions we didn’t get to that day will be addressed the very next morning.

The live workshop will be recorded and hosted in a private member-only area of our website and available for viewing for 1 month. During that month, Heidi will have committed time to keep in touch with workshop students, answer follow-up questions and watch your success! The Online Workshop includes a Facebook community where you can keep in touch with Heidi and fellow like-minded photographers in the Photographer Rising community. Plus, once you enroll for the Photographer Rising Workshop, you are a member for life. That means you can join us for all future Photographer Rising Online workshops for as long as they run.

What is included?

– 5 days of live instruction with Heidi Hope from the HHP studio.  Workshop will air live from 10am – 4:30 pm EST daily with breaks.  Interact with Heidi live throughout the course.
– 1 hour LIVE interactive Q&A from 3:30-4:30pm EST each day.  Also ask Heidi your questions in real time as they arise.
– Watch Heidi shoot and instruct 4 sessions:  2 Newborn Sessions, Family with Maternity and Family with Cakesmash
– Learn how Heidi creates beautiful exposure in natural light, accurate focus, beautiful backlighting, indoors and outdoors.
– Watch Heidi’s newborn posing workflow and learn her secrets for posing families with young children.
– See behind the scenes of set design and learn session planning tips
– Get Heidi’s recommendations for building your business with favorite vendors, materials and props.
– Watch a full day of post processing workflow.  Watch Heidi edit to her style in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop.  Learn the HHP workflow, batch processing, watermarking, system backups, composites, color balance, favorite actions and time-saving tips.
– Download price list and policy templates.
– Refine your brand and develop a marketing plan for the year ahead.
– Learn how Heidi brought in an overflow of business from the very first year and maintains a large customer base even an extremely saturated market.
– Create a sustainable business plan that allows you to do what you love while making the money that you need.
– Tour the Heidi Hope Photography Studio and watch us work with customers.
– 30 days of video hosting after the Live Workshop ends.
– Join our private Facebook Group community of like-minded photographers where Heidi will continue to mentor and answer questions.


March 14th-18th 2016
Airing Live 10am-4:30pm EST daily.
Each day, the live broadcast will be recorded although we encourage you to join live to get the most out of the course.
Recordings will be posted the next day and available for 1 month.
Private Q&A with Heidi and your class daily from 3:30-4:30pm EST


Day 1:  The Business Blueprint
Tour the Heidi Hope Photography Studio.
Get our essential prop list and favorite vendors.
Learn our client management system, scheduling and customer relations.
Develop pricing and policies for your business with our easy templates.
Create your business plan.
Learn Heidi’s secrets for saving time, balancing personal life and setting boundaries.
Handle customer service with confidence.
See our pricing and product guide.


Day 2:  Marketing and Branding
Learn our best strategies for building a client base in a saturated market.
See our marketing arsenal: what works and what doesn’t.
Watch how we incorporate marketing into our daily workflow with: newsletters, direct mail, business to business, social media, website and blog.
Learn how we partner with other businesses to achieve substantial growth.
Download our guide to using social media effectively.
Define your ideal customer and refine your marketing message.
Create cohesive branding that helps you stand out in a sea of competition.
Create a referral program that keeps your calendar full.
Learn how we plan and host special events and mini sessions.


Day 3:  Photography
Watch Heidi shoot and instruct 6 sessions:  Newborn Sessions, 3 month, Family,  Maternity and Cakesmash
Learn how Heidi creates beautiful exposure and accurate focus in natural light set ups both indoors and outdoors.
Watch Heidi’s newborn posing workflow and learn her secrets for posing families with young children.
Learn session planning tips and see our client questionnaire.
Watch how Heidi selects props and designs sets.
See the HHP studio natural light set up and use of reflectors.
Learn Heidi’s secrets for beautiful backlit images.
Get Heidi’s tips for shooting between 9am-5pm each day:  working in difficult light, low light, dark days, and mid day sun.


Day 4:  After the shoot
Watch a full day of post processing workflow.
Creating policies for handling customer requests.
Learn time saving tips to keep your sanity and handle more sessions!
See Heidi edit to her style step-by-step in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop for indoor and outdoor photos.
Perfect your skin tones and color balance.
Watch Heidi create bright, colorful and soft images that have become synonymous with her style.
Learn how to create consistent image quality and style while taking hours off of your editing time.
Learn the HHP workflow, batch processing and favorite actions.
Rescue problem photos in Adobe Camera Raw.
Advanced editing in Photoshop: Composites, Creative Compositions, Head-Swaps, image alteration.
Create a watermark and watch Heidi’s blogging workflow.
Prepare images for display online and in social media to keep them looking amazing.


Day 5:  The Sales Room
Using your Business Plan, build your price list so that it supports your sustainable business model.
Learn how the HHP studio structures sessions to increase sales.
Build collections that drive clients purchasing decisions.
Examine the psychology of selling and gain confidence in making the sale.
Watch a sales appointment at the HHP studio.
Learn our after-the-sale workflow that is timely and thrills clients.
See our packaging and list of vendors.
Get ideas for following up with clients and promote future referrals.
Learn how we encourage reviews and word-of-mouth marketing.


Payment Options

Monthly payment plans are now available for your convenience!  If you select a payment plan at checkout, monthly payments are automatically deducted from the card you register with on the same date each month.  Heidi Hope Photography is not responsible for any overdraft charges that may be incurred due to insufficient funds in your account.  By registering with the payment plan option, you are agree to have the monthly payments automatically charged to the card you register with.  Total workshop balance must be paid 1 month prior to your workshop date.


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1 Payment of $1,800, 2 Payments of $950, 3 Payments of $675, 6 Payments of $375

12 reviews for Photographer Rising Online Workshop March 2016

  1. 5 out of 5


    Heidi Hope, thanks so much for sharing your successes, inspirations, and expertise. You are a great representation for photography and I am so honored/blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you and call you my colleague. Sending you all my very best wishes for 2015! XX

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thank you SO much for all of your hard work! You were so open and generous with your information, and we know it’s going to help us so much as we make some BIG changes in the next few months! Thanks again!

  3. 5 out of 5


    After being in the photography business for over 15 years, Heidi and Shaun are the most genuine people I have ever met in this industry. They are an open book and beyond willing to help others. It was such a pleasant surprise to finally take a workshop that the teachers are real, honest, and even willing to share their actual numbers with you. NO ONE does that. No one. They literally will give you the steps to take to create a profitable and enjoyable photography business. I was a little nervous about 5 days online. I wanted to be sure I stayed focused. Clearly that wasn’t a problem. Heidi nailed it and had us all on the edge of our seats the entire time.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for such an amazing, inspiring workshop opportunity! I’ve taken quite a few workshops and although they were very helpful and resourceful, yours is the top contender! I loved how it was live and we were able to interact with you as if we were in the same room in person. You opened up everything you knew about being a business owner and photographer and not many people are willing to do that and I want to thank you. I cannot wait to see what 2015 has to bring for my business. I’ve been telling everyone about the workshop and will continue to do so. So many positives that came from this workshop and it has really inspired me to work harder, be more organized, know that things take time and that every photographer has had their struggles but have worked hard to be where they are today! From the worksheets to the videos on how you conduct your session were so helpful to visually get to see how things are done and hear how you interact with clients instead of having to read how it’s done and try to paint a picture of it! Another positive was meeting new people from around the world. I love how we have been helping each other, supporting each others’ photography pages from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, etc. I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to attending more workshops!!!

  5. 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much for being so open and helpful and giving so much of yourself through this workshop. You have inspired me so much and I am so looking forward to getting down to business and tackling the things that I’ve been so afraid to do in the past. This has been amazing and I’m just so happy that I took the leap to sign up. Thanks to you and to your amazing staff!!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Wow Heidi Hope!!! That was worth way more than what I paid for this course!!! Every singe day I told my husband- “WOW I really needed this (ABC item)” Every. Single. Day. Thank you- a million times over- it was absolutely what I needed- exactly when I needed it!! Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching, photography and business with us all!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for the INCREDIBLE workshop Photographer Rising. After 15 years in business I was not sure how much I would benefit. What I learned was invaluable, and more than I could have ever imagined. Your style of teaching is every bit as WONDERFUL as your photography style! You workshop was inspiring, I leave feeling more creative, more business savvy, more motivated, and now have the tools to really allow my business to take off! You are amazing and your workshop is too! THANK YOU HEIDI!! #photographer rising

  8. 5 out of 5


    Thank you so much Heidi Hope and the staff! I was afraid that I could not catch-up with others and the seminar itself since I’m still beginner. I’m overwhelmed but glad I took this seminar. Heidi, I’m so grateful what you do for us and I would love to believe I can!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Seriously, I haven’t been so inspired since I started my business! Thank you so much Heidi!

  10. 5 out of 5


    Heidi Hope, Once again, you inspired me! First time that inspiration made us move from one continent to another, this time it’s gonna take our business to the moon!!! Thank you again and again for all the help, not only with the workshops but also with all the tips and advices you gave me thru the Alumni Group all these years. May you and your family be blessed, you deserve this success more than anyone I’ve ever known…

    Everyone else on the group, a huge thanks for all of your collaboration, your tips, insights, discussions, ideas etc! It’s amazing to learn alongside all of you!!! And United we will make it very far!! We learn so much from each other….

    The Heidi Hope team, a thanks for the huge help, always a top class team, this is one of the strongest reasons why it’s such a success. Caroline Campbell and Laura always there to make it happen for us! Shaun showering us with class and technique on his classy sales appointment. Thank you Heidi Hope Photography for making this possible for all of us!!!!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Like many photographers, I’m self-taught. I took a few classes in college and have read millions of books from marketing/branding to every single business book you can imagine. I’ve taken in-person lighting & software classes and online business and photography courses. And after almost 4 years in the business I finally get it.

    I found Heidi Hope online when I started my research years ago. I watched her business blossom and know I learned from one of the best. I didn’t realize the profound impact it would have on my life signing up for Photographer Rising. Unlike any workshop I’ve ever taken, Heidi walked us through step by step EXACTLY how you’re supposed to start a photography business; the business plan, how to price yourself smartly, value, marketing & branding, and retouching. Her devotion to the people in the class and all of the questions I’ve finally gotten answered have forever changed me and my business. In what sometimes can be a very lonely profession, I finally don’t feel lost anymore.

    Honestly, I feel like I got my life back. With my family and this business I’ve been ready to throw in the towel so many times. But for the amount of hours and the sacrifices I’ve made I’m dedicated to making this a successful REAL business, not just an expensive hobby. Heidi, you’re an amazing dedicated teacher and clearly you have found your calling.

  12. 5 out of 5


    It is easy to give a review right when the workshop ends, everyone is fired up and excited to implement everything they’ve learned but here I am almost a year later with my post workshop review. I cannot say enough about Heidi and her Photographer Rising workshop! In the past 10 months I have used her tools guidance and advice to transform my business. My sales are up, (way up), I am confident in my pricing, and my clients are happier! Although I am not yet where I want to be, I am building my foundation. I have taken a few online workshops or quick courses and those “informative” emails are still sitting in my inbox. The way Heidi’s workshop its set up, its like you are sitting face to face! Her real time Q&A was awesome. I think what I liked most about her workshop was the total transparency of her business. At times I thought, “why would she tell us that!?” There are no secrets with Heidi other than how her hair is so amazing, which she did tell us, she does nothing special to. This is what I’m talking about, you can ask questions about her hair and she takes the time to answer! On a serious note, what I did like the most was that she gave you her numbers, REAL numbers. I found it so exciting to see what the potential of a photography business can be. It was very inspiring! The entire workshop was amazing from start to finish although to say that it finished wouldn’t be right. Heidi and her staff have been available for the past 10 months. Any time a question is asked, its answered -if not by Heidi, by one of my fellow students. I cannot put a value on the Facebook group and the camaraderie that we share. If you are serious about your business than this is the workshop for you. I have a new mantra, it may be weird, but so may times while working, I think WWHD? “What would Heidi Do?” Dead serious, but it takes me back to Photographer Rising and all that she taught me both in the business and creative realms. Thank You!!

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