Motivation Monday with Ansel Adams

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Anything can be! Motivation Monday.

 I just love this quote.Anything can be.Are you in crazy busy season yet?  We're up to our eyeballs in sessions, set design, and editing!  July will likely be one of our best sales months of the year.   If you're wondering how we get so many clients in the door in such a bad economy a ...
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What would you do if money didn’t matter?  What feels so effortless, time slips by unnoticed?  When does peace and joy and inspiration rush through you?  That is what you have to give the world.  That is what you were born to do. On Friday we wrapped our April workshop.  It was an amazin ...
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Being an artist cracks you open.

 Just when I am going along, feeling like I'm in a pretty positive groove, life reminds me that my work is not done.  I come face to face with forgiveness again.  Intellectually I know that the situation isn't personal, but it feels so personal.You see, the creative person creates from their soul ...
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Creativity. A favorite quote.

I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes today to inspire you in the week ahead!  Go get your creativity on! "A creative person does not take direction from the outside.  She does not imitate established forms.  She listens within.  Now she may survey the world.  She may even study and ...
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