I hung up the phone with a reporter a few weeks back who was writing a piece on the popularity of cake smashes in portrait photography today and how the trend all began years ago.  I had fun reminiscing with her about the first “Cake Smash” session I did with my daughter Giuliana when she was 10 months old.  I simply thought a giant cupcake would be cute and wanted to snap a few photos of her tasting it for the first time.  I plopped it on the grass and fired away.  Soon after, Heidi Hope clients began clamoring for Cake Smash sessions and our Cake Smashes went from a simple giant cupcake to an all-out-stylized set.  Teaming up with Sweet Indulgence, we started getting creative!  First, just a few balloons and bunting, now each cake smash session is an original production.  Our Cake Smash sessions here at the studio are widely followed and I have LOVED seeing all of the sets we’ve created inspiring others around the world.

I got to thinking.  I would love to start a monthly feature on the blog where we showcase all of the amazing work out there.  So let’s do it!

Have you been inspired by one of our sets?  You could be featured on our blog and have your work seen by our hundreds of thousands of viewers and thousands of facebook fans!  I would love to see the amazing work you’re doing, and hear about how we inspired you!  From newborn, to cake smash, to senior portraits, your entry could be anything!  Please see our entry requirements below and submit you photos to inspiredbyheidihope@gmail.com.

Our favorite photographer each month will be featured in their own blog post, and our runners up will also be showcased on the blog and our facebook page!  If you are our monthly favorite, you will receive a gorgeous Heidi Hope Blossom Band and a 30 minute Skype session with me (Heidi), where you can ask me anything about business, photoshop, photography, whatever!!

How to enter:

Please email inspiredbyheidihope@gmail.com with:

Your name

Your studio name (if you have one, you don’t have to be PRO to enter!)

Up to 5 images inspired by a Heidi Hope Photography Set (at least 1000px wide, watermarked please)

A brief description of your images