I had such a fun session last week with this family.  First, they had a totally gorgeous baby girl for me to cuddle.  Then, mom and dad both knew a little something about photography, which I always love to chat about.  To top it off, big brother CJ was awesome with his new baby sister.  He did an amazing job during the sibling shots and I could tell that he is a super helper at home too.  Of course A was the star of the show and every detail was perfection!  Enjoy your preview!

  • What beautiful baby pictures. You’ve really caught the essence of the greatest joys of life. Their expressions are priceless! Keep up your beautiful art.

  • Wow what a talent you have for capturing the essence of this baby. These are adorable.
    What a beautiful baby. Her parents have to be very proud.

  • Jennifer Helmka

    Heidi – you are such a wonderful photographer and artist! Thank you so very much for these beautiful photos and the wonderful memories of my son and newborn baby girl. We will treasure them forever!

  • So beautiful those are wonderful pictures to treasure.


  • Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous girl and her handsome big brother!!!!

  • Grandma Sellers

    Heidi, your passion expressed through your impeccable art will forever live in the hearts of countless families. You ABSOLUTELY capture it…Thank you so much for blessing our family with these amazing keepsake photos of our gorgeous lil Avery-Faith and handsome C.J.

  • Beautiful photos! Congratulations! Love the photo of Avery with your son!

  • Nicole DeFelippi

    These are the best photos I have ever seen!!! Great job!!!

  • Molley Palmer

    These photos are gorgeous! The shot of Avery & C.J. is so incredibly sweet. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Very sweet photos

  • Grandpa Hayman

    Grandaughters are special and you’ve captured the warmth,innocense and beauty of a new born child–my grandaughter

  • Lisa Belanger

    Wonderful photos, beautiful children and precious memories perfectly captured! :)Absolutely breathtaking!!!

  • Mechelle and Chuck Helmka

    They are a beautiful family. They are so blessed.

  • Heidi,

    The pictures look amazing!

    Thank you.
    Mike Helmka

  • Those of us that have been lost but not forgotten are smiling at the beautiful bundle of joy that god has brought to the Helmka family.

  • Cherrie Helmka

    Beautiful pictures of my neice…Great job..

  • Helen Sobchak

    These pictures are gorgeous! Thanks you so much for sharing!

  • Absolutely Awesome!!!

  • What a beautiful baby with Mike’s feet! Not surprised coming from good looking people like Mike and Jen. CJ will be such a helpful big brother. Love it and can’t wait to nuzzle her.

    Aunt pat

  • What a pretty pumpkin with feet like her daddy and Aunt Pat. She is remarkable and CJ will be a terrific helpful big brother. Can’t wait to snuggle her.
    Aunt pat

  • What%20a%20beautiful%20baby%20with%20Mike’s%20feet!%20%20Not%20surprised%20coming%20from%20good%20looking%20people%20like%20Mike%20and%20Jen.%20%20CJ%20will%20be%20such%20a%20helpful%20big%20brother.%20%20Love%20it%20and%20can’t%20wait%20to%20nuzzle%20her.


  • Beautiful beautiful pictures & what a precious baby.

  • Alicia Pavoni

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see the rest!! Awesome job, Heidi!

  • Alicia Pavoni

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see the rest!! Awesome job, Heidi!!

  • Beautiful pictures – Heidi you are amazing!!!