Last month, when we launched the Heidi Hope Inspired By Series, we were hoping to have a few submissions from fans. We were blown away not only with the number of submissions, but with the creativity and adorableness that swarmed our inbox. It was truly a joy to read the stories that came in!

This month, we are sharing one of our very favorite submissions from Baby Bee Photographyin Edmonton, Canada.

Roberta made all of us girls in the studio (and Shaun, our token guy), swoon over her nice email:

“First let me say that you ladies are amazing, everything you do is stunning!  I came across your page earlier this year and was floored with your cakesmashes…  When I saw your work I knew I needed to make a change.  It was a few months coming but at the beginning of the summer I transformed my cakesmashes into something much more Heidi-Hope-esque.  I did this because I admired your work so much and because I absolutely love to take pictures, craft and bake and I finally have an outlet that includes all three but doesn’t result in an extended waistline and a house full of crappy crafts.”

The sweet butterflies were done in a few different ways.  How fantasic are those shabby chic pendants with the cute butterflies!


We are totally right with you Roberta! It’s a great outlet to do something different, plus we are all avid crafters- we love coming up with new ideas for clients, we are thrilled you love to as well! We still end up with a bit of frosting on our fingers, possibly getting a little taste of Sweet Indulgence’s fabulous cupcakes 🙂 Congrats to Roberta! Besides getting this feature, Roberta wins a gift from our Boutique AND a 30 minute skype session with Heidi.

It was such a hard choice this month, and we have so many other favorites that we can’t wait to share with you in the months ahead.  We are always taking submissions, so send us over your favorite work any time!  Read more about the Inspired By Series  HERE!