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Jun 28, 2013

This gorgeous little lady is only 3 months old, and so full of personality already! Sometimes a full hour of shooting can be overwhelming to young babies, but K was a champ right through her last set. She was so curious, looking at everything in the studio, checking out the hats we put on her, and grabbing her cute little toes. She was especially adorable with her mom and dad…check out the look she’s giving dad as he holds her! 🙂

3 Month Old studio session with family by Heidi Hope Photography #3 months #baby #infantBLOG_SIGNATURE


We’ve been working for years with the very talented Kristen Marrah as one of our stylists before HHP sessions.  When I found out she was expecting last year I was over-the-moon excited!  I couldn’t wait to meet her family and help welcome their new baby girl.  3 month old Q was born to be a model.  She is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen and she loves having her picture taken.  I had heard so much about big sister M as well.  She was amazing with her new baby sis.  She helped feed her, hold her, and showered her with kisses.  She loved dressing up and posing for the camera too.  These two are sure to be voted most photogenic!  I wonder where they both get it from mom???  Enjoy your sneak peek!

06-3-month-old-baby-portraits 07-3-month-old-baby-portraits 08-3-month-old-baby-portraits 09-3-month-old-baby-portraits 10-3-month-old-baby-portraits


Everything about this was so fun for us- from designing the sets to hanging out with so many of our clients in one day! Anyone that booked a 2013 session with HHP was eligible for one of these free Valentine Mini sessions, and it was so awesome to be able to gift this to them. Thanks to everyone who helped us kick 2013 off with love!  🙂

~ Mariah and Heidi

Have you noticed that we have had quite a few sessions lately with a 3 month old and 2 year old combo?  It’s two of the trickiest ages to photograph, so I never guarantee the perfect shot of both kids looking at the camera.  We just go with the flow and capture lots of candids.  No need to worry here though, D and D were perfect subjects!  Big sister was very busy, but we shared a love for Dora that got us off on the right foot.  Little man D was so advanced for 3 months, already grabbing his toes and full of smiles.  I love all of the sweet simple images we captured.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

I first met this family back when big brother L was 3 months old.  We had such an amazing session and mom and dad were so much fun to work with.  Last week I was able to catch up with them and welcome baby H into the family with his 3 month session.  He looked so much like his big brother, I felt like I was shooting the same session again!  This time, we captured some adorable sibling shots as well.  L is such a great big brother, he made my job easy!  Enjoy your sneak peek!


It has been a long time since I have had the time and opportunity to travel on location to a client’s home for some lifestyle portraits.  When sweet baby T was born early and had a long stay in the hospital, we rescheduled the B family session out to the Holidays.  I think traveling to the B family’s home (and being so warmly welcomed by them <3 ) really helped me to capture them as a family and all of the love they have for their baby girl.  I am totally in love with this session!  Watching mom and dad cuddle her and make her smile melted me.  It reminded me of why I love what I do so much.  I left thinking “I wish I could do this for every family!”  In 2013 I will be traveling much more and hopefully doing more sessions like this one.  Thanks B family for being so much fun to spend the afternoon with.  T is so gorgeous, I already can’t wait for our next session!  Enjoy your sneak peek!  ~ Heidi


I was waiting to lose the rest of the baby weight.  I was waiting for Shaun to be able to take an afternoon off.  I was waiting for the perfect time of day when the kids wouldn’t be cranky.  I was waiting to score the perfect outfits or to dream up the perfect concept.  I was waiting to have enough time in my schedule to do it all…

Then I looked at Grace, her two bottom teeth sprouting out of her gums, and realized it is all passing me by too quickly.  First days of school and leaving for prom flashed in my hormonal mind!  I don’t want my girls to grow up!

Of course I have no control over that, but what I can do is put everything else aside and make my family portraits a priority!  So I did.

We began our journey of incorporating video portraits into our studio offerings last year with our newborn sessions (see a sample here!).  We loved the finished product: “A Birth Story” (check it out here!) so much that we decided to offer video portraits to all of our Heidi Hope Clients.  Now, you can add on a video component to any Heidi Hope Session.  Information about our video portraits is sent with your welcome package when you book your session, but give us a call to learn more about it!

Mariah and Joe were happy to use my fam as a sample so you can all get an idea of how our Video Portraits work.  You can see the gorgeous photography from our session by visiting Mariah’s blog post here!

Was I afraid to jump in front of a camera… no liquifying or airbrushing…. for the whole world to see?  HECK YEAH!  But, I can’t possibly express how much the resulting movie and portraits mean to me.  I don’t even see what I was worried about.  I see my beautiful, happy, blessed family, being exactly who we are in this perfect little moment of our lives.  The messy hair, chapped lips, extra tummy… they all take on a significance I didn’t even know I appreciated until now.  I am so thankful we did this.  And I am so thankful to Mariah and Joe who captured it all so beautifully for us.


So, without further ado, here is a sneak peek of our family video portraits!

Video Portaits from Heidi Hope Photography on Vimeo.


I still cry every time I watch this… I can only imagine what prom night will be like!  ~ Heidi

Do these kids belong in a magazine or what?!  3 month old H was so easy-going and had a smile that lit up the room.  I giggle just looking at how happy he is!  Big sister P was a great little helper and loved trying out all of the toys in the studio.  She was busy, but she sat just long enough to get a perfect shot with BOTH kids looking at the camera.  Major score!  Enjoy your sneak peek!  

Meet one of our newest baby planners, baby B!  Born a premie, B visited the studio last week at 3 months old but was just as teeny as a newborn.  We started with some adorable sibling shots and then B stole the show.  She even fell asleep at the end after all of the commotion for some dreamy newborn style shots.  Mom loved the “Heidi Bonnet” by FAAS.  One of my favorites too, of course!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Who would have known that this location was our Plan B?  🙂  We had another location all planned out, but as luck would have it, the whole team pulled up just in time to be told that it was closed for maintenance for the afternoon! Of course, we weren’t going to just cancel the shoot- Heidi’s family was styled, and we had our videographer, Joe Maggiolo, in tow, to capture the whole shoot on film.

So, we packed up the team and drove just down the road to a little field we had seen driving in. Plan B became Plan Awesome as we realized that the field was even better for Fall portraits. The color, the grass, the light- everything just came together for an awesome backdrop. I couldn’t love the results more! (Phew!)

Why did we have a videographer? We recently announced “A Birth Story”, our newborn sessions captured on film by Joe Maggiolo. We’re expanding our video portrait product to encompass all types of sessions- even outdoor family sessions! Your family is captured interacting on film throughout our photoshoot, and the footage edited as a professional movie set to music. We wanted to show just how stunning the result is, so we invited Joe along to capture Heidi’s family creating memories! We can’t wait to show you the video. In the meantime, there are a few behind-the-scenes shots sprinkled into the family shots below to give you an idea of how we work with Joe.

Ready for an epic Fall family post? Here we go!

~ Mariah