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I loved meeting 4 month old A and her family last week.  She had the most amazing hair and adorable smile.  Mom and dad really wanted to show off her gorgeous locks so we picked out some sweet little headbands and hair pieces to highlight her beautiful features.  I love simple and sweet for 3 month shots.  Enjoy your sneak peek mom and dad!

I have been loving meeting all of these sweet 3 month olds lately.  Baby J was gorgeous with her strawberry hair and big blue eyes.  Her lashes were incredible, and I was incredibly jealous!  Mom and dad loved our newborn style portraits so we tried to incorporate similar sets and soft details into our session with J.  She smiled away on our snow shoes, a favorite of mom and dad’s, and loved cuddling with her family for some portraits to wrap up our shoot.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

I had so much fun photographing adorable 3 month old L and his family last week.  Mom and dad were big sports fans and had no shortage of fun sports paraphernalia for me to incorporate into our session.  Shaun even brought his famed Larry Bird jersey in for the perfect Celtics shot.  I especially love the portrait of L in the little wagon.  He was wearing a cap that was dad’s when he was a little boy and he looked right up into my lens with his big blue eyes… melt!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

I loved spending the afternoon with 3 month old L and her parents last week.  She’s just weeks apart from my daughter Grace in age, so I had fun watching her respond to all of the same sounds and facial expressions.  L loved being held by mom and dad most so, of course, the family portraits turned out to be some of my favorite from our time together.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

3 months old is one of my favorite ages lately.  Perhaps it’s all of the adorable new props and hats I’ve been shopping for, or perhaps it is that my baby girl is also 3 months.  I’m cherishing all of these sweet toothless smiles and coos.  Baby L was just gorgeous in all of her portraits last week.  She loved babbling to me and staring right into my lens with her big blue eyes.  I have too many favorites to count from this session, but of all of them, I am partial to the portraits on the turquoise blanket.  They are so bright and colorful and I think they show off L’s amazing eyes perfectly.  Enjoy your sneak peek!


I first met mom and dad “to-be” back in the spring for their maternity session.  Equally as pregnant at the time, mom and I shared lots in common including due dates quite close together!  She was expecting a baby boy and I a girl.  We lived close by and even bumped into each other out shopping!  Having babies close together meant I was out on maternity leave when J was a newborn so we scheduled a 3 month session instead.  I just couldn’t wait to meet this little guy!  Baby J was awesome during his session.  I loved capturing his big 3-month-old smiles and giggles.  We really wore him out with all of those pictures because by the end, he even drifted off for some classic newborn-style portraits fast asleep.  Enjoy your sneak peek!

Are you ready for some serious adorableness?  Baby A has one of those faces that I could smile at all day.  She is just so utterly squish-able!  She had the perfect personality for pictures: smiles, giggles, far-off-stares that totally melt your heart.  At 4 months old, she even held her head up like a champ and loved tummy time.  The perfect little model!  Mom and I had fun dressing her up and getting those great big grins out for the camera.  Enjoy your sneak peek.

B’s 4 month old Little Star session was simple, classic baby boy.  He was full of smiles and capturing all of his expressions was the highlight of the session.  Just get a load of those big blue eyes!  I couldn’t get over how strong B already was, loving tummy time and rolling over.  I bet he’ll be crawling in no time!  Enjoy your sneak peek!

I loved spending the afternoon at our studio with adorable baby W.  We captured every little detail and all of his sweet expressions.  I especially love the mama shots.  Those always make me melt because I know how much mom will adore looking back on them in the years to come.  Enjoy your sneak peek!


I just wrapped up an interview last night where I’m afraid my obsession for baby lashes, especially macro shots of baby lashes, was made glaringly obvious to all!  Well baby A’s 4 month old session was a perfect example of the breathtaking beauty that can be found in the details of a baby.  I love capturing details during 3-4 month sessions.  This age is considered an “in-between age” for baby portraits in the sense that they are too old for sleepy newborn shots but not old enough to hold their head up.  The things I adore about this age are the wonderful expressions that are so newly found and the sweet little baby details that won’t be tiny for long.  Baby A started the session a bit tired but by the end she was full of smiles and personality!  Mom brought in a beautiful hat from one of my favorite designers, FAAS Designs, and I love the soft pink framing A’s gorgeous blue eyes.  Enjoy your sneak peek!