Giuliana’s 4th birthday rolled around on us much too fast this summer.  On her birthday we happened to be across the country with kids in tow for my best friend’s wedding.  It was only 8 weeks after having Grace and 10 weeks after moving into our new home.  Giuliana had a red velvet cupcake for breakfast in San Francisco and spent the rest of her day on a plane heading back to Rhode Island.  Probably a great adventure for a 4 year old, but as her mommy, I was ridden with guilt that she spent her day sugared-up, over-tired, and glued to an ipad as we dragged her cross-country.  We decided to “make it up” to her by throwing a big party at the new house, boxes still not unpacked, complete with a water slide (that she was terrified of but still claims was her favorite present) and a brand new Barbie bike.  We really wanted to make her feel like a princess for the day.  Kerri Cupcake came to the rescue and created the most amazing confections table perfect for my girl who dreamed of a “princess ballerina” party.  It was honestly the centerpiece of the whole party, which was a lucky thing because I never did have time to hang the decorations.  My older brother, an admitted sweet junkie, couldn’t stray from that corner of my kitchen all day.  He even had to taste the soft pink rose petals that blanketed our tulle-lined table just to see if they were made out of sugar too.  Every guest at the party raved about not only how gorgeous everything was, but also how amazing it all tasted.  I can attest that when we cut into our cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, even I couldn’t resist a giant slice.  In fact, I secretly didn’t want to give it over to the 4 year olds!  Enjoy your sneak peek into our sweet day… and be prepared to drool on your keyboard!

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