We started this project back in early 2011 when we met with the talented Joe Maggiolo (of Joe Maggiolo Media) so that we could offer our clients something in addition to beautiful portraiture for their walls.  While I am able to freeze the moment with my lens through photography, Joe can capture the movement of a newborn’s breath, the sound of a baby’s laugh and the expression of new parents beyond the still frame.  When the H family traveled to our studio from London, they were thrilled with the opportunity to document their experience with Joe and I together.  Combining the art of still and video was amazing.  The results were beautiful and we’ve been waiting over a year to finally offer the video experience to all of our clients.  To create our Birth Story, Joe and I work together at the Heidi Hope Photography Studio.  I pose our sweet newborns and Joe quietly records our session.  At the end of our time together Joe interviews mom and dad and then puts it all together for a video keepsake, beautifully documenting the beginning of a new life.  You can see from just the preview below how breathtaking the outcome is.



We revisited with the H family just last week for A’s first birthday session.  Our staff sat down at the studio just before their session to re-watch this promo, as so much time had past since we created the video.  We were all in tears!  Seeing how big A has already grown makes what we captured even more special.  Mom and dad still treasure their full video as well, as we know they will forever.

If you have a session with Heidi Hope Photography, our newest package combining photography and videography is available for all sessions.  Please contact the studio for more information.  401-864-1919 or email [email protected]